Thursday, 2 November 2017

Vol-au-vent with dry tomato pate, mozzarella and pesto

Today we propose you a very easy to prepare and very fast recipe, in 5 minutes it's ready and the mixture of ingredients is delicious, it's a must in our celebrations!

Ingredients for 15 pcs:
- 1 can of dry tomato pâté 
- 15 vol-au-vent
- 1 scoop of fresh mozzarella
- Pesto sauce (you can see the recipe here)

- Place the vol-au-vent on a smooth board.
- Drain the mozzarella ball and cut it into small squares.
- Pour a tablespoon of pesto sauce into each vol-au-vent.
- Place 2-3 squares of mozzarella inside.
- Fill the rest of the vol-au-vent  with the dry tomato pâté.

Bon appétit!

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