Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Zombie cupcakes

Although Halloween has already happened a few days ago, we want to share with you the recipe for these zombie cupcakes that we prepared.

Ingredients for 6 pcs:
- 6 large muffins
- 250 gr of white fondant (1 package)
- 500 gr of pink fondant (2 packages)
- Pack of yellow, red and blue liquid food coloring 
- Brushes for food
- Water
- 1 tablespoon of chocolate powder
- 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
- 2 tablespoons of honey

- Cut the top part of the muffins to make them smooth and remove the lower plastic that covers them.
- Divide each package of fondant in 6 equal parts and make balls with each one, so that for each cupcake you have 3 balls (1 white and two pink).
- Pour drops of yellow food coloring on one of the two pink balls of each cupcake and knead for a few seconds until their color is orange like the one in the picture.

- Remove a small part of the orange ball and reserve it.

- Stretch the large orange ball to give it a rounded but smooth shape and cover the top of each cupcake. Adjust it on the edges to wrap it well.

- Divide into 4 parts each pink ball to form the gums.
- Stretch a pink part, gently squeeze it with your fingers so that it is smooth and give it a half moon shape to form the base of the upper gum.

- Place another strip of the same shape as the base of the lower gum.

- To form the gums you have to make two strips similar to the previous ones but without crushing them, they must have a rounded shape. Put them on the bases that we had previously made.

- With the pointed part of a skewer stick or thick stick, begin to divide the gums in several sections, where the teeth will go.

- Once you have finished, in each section, make a hole with the thick part of the same stick for skewers, to be able to place inside the teeth.

- Gently squeeze the base of the gums with your fingers so that it is joined with the orange part.

- Begin to form the teeth with the white fondant. Make small balls the size of a grain of corn, making the root of the tooth to make it easier to enter in the gums.

- Fix them by passing a brush with a little water at the union of the teeth with the gums.

- Stretch the rest of the orange fondant that we had reserved and divide it into strips. Place it on the base of the gums with an irregularly shape to look like strips of skin of a zombie, fixing it again with a brush with water.

- In a bowl mix a tablespoon of honey with one of water and stir well.
- Add one tablespoon of cornstarch and another of chocolate powder and mix well again so that no lumps remain.
- Add 6 drops of red dye, 2 of blue and one of yellow and remove again. It must be dark red, almost black.
- With a brush, apply this color on the gums to look like blood.
- Heat the liquid in the microwave over 20 seconds so that it dehydrates a little and looks like coagulated sand.
- Apply with the brush on the gums and inside the mouth.
- In another bowl mix a tablespoon of honey with one of cocoa and stir well.

- With another brush, apply it on the teeth to make it look like plaque.

Bon appétit!

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