Monday, 2 October 2017


We want to dedicate today's post to a Spanish brand of Manchegos Cheese with which we usually collaborate, so we know perfectly the most of their products. These are Record Cheese, and we would like to congratulate them because they have recently received an important award for the best Cured Cheese with Denomination of Origin, congratulations!!

They are a traditional brand that was founded more than 100 years ago, in 1915, that has managed to renew itself but maintaining the traditional methods when making their cheeses, and you know it when you eat their products, because they keep all their flavor.

In addition to the traditional cheeses, they have revolutionized the market with their creams of cheese. The first was the cheese cream with Manchego Cheese, but a few months ago they launched the delicious cheese creams of different flavors: goat's cheese cream, goat's cheese cream with honey, sheep’s cheese cream with boletus and sheep’s cheese cream with piquillo peppers.

They have a wide variety of cheeses: sheep, sheep in olive oil and mixed milk cheese of sheep, goat and cow. In our blog you can find many recipes with them!

We especially like 3 cheeses, the first is Manchego Cured Cheese with Denomination of Origin, made with pasteurized milk of a sheep from La Mancha and with a cure of 6 months. We have made some recipes with it like Tartlets of canons, cheese and pine nutsGourmet salad with cured deerNoodles with truffle and cheese, Crocanti of blood sausage with honey and crunchy cheese, Summer salad or Tagliatelle with cheese sauce and spinach.

Tagliatelle with cheese sauce and spinach

The second is matured goat cheese, made with pasteurized goat's milk. We prepared a vegetarian zucchini burger like this:

Vegetarian zucchini burger

The third one is the Iberian Cheese made with pasteurized cheese of cow, goat and sheep, which has a cure of 6 months. We cooked Potato cubes with cheese sauceEggs stuffed with foie and cheese with truffle pearls and Cheese baskets with pisto

Potato cubes with cheese sauce

For all this, we want you to also try their cheeses and we are going to draw a basket like the one in the first image, which contains:
- 1 Manchego Cured Cheese with Denomination of Origin of 1kg.
- 1 Goat cheese of 1kg.
- 1 Ibérico cheese of cow, goat and sheep of 1kg.

The giveaway will be active from today until November 19th of 2017, the winner will be chosen at random on November 20th of 2017 through the web and will be communicated through the email that you provided in the form. Participations of residents in Belgium and the Netherlands will be accepted. In case that the winner does not answer to the email with their data within a week, the prize will go to the first alternate and Record Cheese will send the prize.

Just fill in your personal data on this link and you will receive an email with the number you have in the giveaway.

You must also be fan of our blog and Record Cheese in any of these social networks and share or retweet the post where the contest is announced.

Good luck to all!!

*We have the winner! The chosen one is Maxine Chowles, from Brussels, Belgium, with number 4. Congratulations!!

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