Thursday, 28 December 2017

Canapés with spun egg

Today we present two versions of these canapés with spun egg, so that visually they are more striking, which one do you prefer?

- 5 vol-au-vent
- 5 tartlets
- 1 jar of baby beans
- 1.8 oz of serrano ham cut into tacos
- Spun egg
- 5 quail eggs

- In a pan, sauté over medium heat the baby beans with a few drops of the oil they bring in the jar.
- Add the serrano ham and stir occasionally until the beans are golden.
- Carefully open 5 quail eggs and fry one by one taking care that the yolk does not break.
- Fill the vol-au-vents and the tartlets with the beans and ham.
- Put a little spun egg over all.
- Place fried quail eggs on the spun egg of the tartlets.

Bon appétit!

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